We constantly receive letters and cards from grateful residents and their relatives thanking us for our care. Here is a selection of the many received.

“To all the staff of Verulam House,

Although Alan’s time with you was very brief, we as a family would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for all the care and compassion shown to him and us as a family in what turned out to be his final days.

We as a family can not thank you enough for making us feel welcome and caring and nursing Alan and attending to all his needs.”

Mick & Wendy, Steven & Marion and Colin Roberts

(Alan’s Sons and Family)

August 2017

“To all of the Staff at Verulam House,

Thank you for caring for our father until the very end of his life. We will miss our long connection with you all and wish you the very best in the future.

Love Helen Davidson, Lib Luke,Sara Thompson and all the dogs!”

(Jeremy’s Daughters and Family)

August 2017

“To all the staff at Verulam House,

Thank you all so very much for all that you did for our father, Jeremy over the years of his life and particularly for your great kindness and care during the last months.

As we all know he had strong views and opinions which were managed with good humour so that he could enjoy the relationships that were developed over the years.

Thank you too for the understanding and support for the family and particularly for your sympathy and kindness that last day.

We were all very touched to see so many of you at the funeral. I’am only sorry that I didn’t have a good opportunity to talk to you very much there.

With very very many thanks to all of you for all the difference you made and all good wishes.”


(Jeremys Daughter)


August 2017

Letter to Dr Damian Tominey (Owner)

“Dear Dr Damian Tominey,

I’am sure you already know, but I want to tell you how marvellous all the staff are at Verulam House. I’am so grateful for the 5 1/2 years of excellent care of my partner received while he was a resident in Verulam House.

I was allowed to help with his care and these days were so precious.

I thank all the staff whereever they work for all their kindness, support and friendship. Verulam House felt like home from home at a time when it was needed.”

Yours sincerely,

Veronica Allwood (Partner)


August 2017

” To Debbie and Staff,

Thank you all for looking after Mum (Ella) in the most wonderful way possible. Everyone did their best for her in the very short time she was with you.  Her end of life care was truly exemplary and we thank you all so much.

With kindest regards”

Susan and Michael (family)

August 2017

“Thank you for helping me get better.”


(Respite Resident)

July 2017

Letter to Debbie (Matron) and all staff at Verulam House

“Debbie & Staff,

I have sincerely enjoyed the time that I have spent with you during my placement. As a result of your experience and guidance I have a much deeper understanding of the nursing career. Once again, thank you for your commitment and assistance. My gratitude of your contribution to my future success is immeasurable.”


Delisani (Student Nurse)

July 2017

“To all at Verulam House,

With my grateful thanks for the professional skill and personal care you demonstrated in looking after my father Ian over the last year.”

Nick (Son)

May 2017