A little note

Dear Pam, Debbie and all the amazing staff at Verulam House

An Enormous thank you for all you do.

With love and best wishes

Chris & Carol

(Residents family)


March 2022



Thanks For Having Me !

What a lovely group of caring , kind people you ‘All’ are.

Your jobs are very under estimated. I have been humbled by the level of care you give to your fellow human beings !

You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Thanks for everything.


( Respite Resident)

June 2021

A Remembrance Gift

To Pam & Staff at Verulam house,

Please accept this Rose as a small token of my thanks for all you did for Dad, Norman, during the 4 1/2 years he was with you.

I hope you have a space in the garden.

Love & best wishes from


( Daughter of passed Resident)

June 2021

Kind Recognition

Dear All,

I wish to thank all of you for your continued support of my husband during this extended periods of covid problems. We as a family have appreciated your continual good will & humour in these trying times.

I hope that recent events will start to have an easing effect & all your lives will start to get back to normal.

I would like to wish you a happy & relaxing summer, when it comes.

Kind Regards

Janice Smith & family.

(Wife & Family of Resident)

April 2021

Still in memory - Thank You !

Dear Pamela

As we marked the first anniversary of my sister’s death at VH recently we felt relieved that she had at least been spared the complete isolation from the family to which she would have been subject for the last few months. We certainly have not felt able to travel as far as St Albans since February.

We do not envy you having to cope with all the constraints to which you have been subjected. You have all our sympathy a we send best wishes to you and all your staff, hoping that  you have escaped the worst ravages of the virus. At last the government appears to appreciate the importance of the care homes sector and has given’promises’ – for what they are worth – of  priority to your sector when a safe vaccine becomes available.

Once again may I on behalf of all our family register our appreciation for the care that my sister enjoyed during her long stay with you and hope that 2021 gives rise to fewer challenges than you have had to contend with this year.

Best wishes to you all


(Brother of past Resident)

November 2020

To All the Activities Team,

We just wanted to say thank you very much for all the time and effort you have given to enable us to stay in contact with Dad / Tom / Grandpa with the video calls and window visits. We are incredibly grateful and I Know Mum and Rachel are too. We hope the next phase of visiting goes well and isn’t too stressful for you all.

Also, being able to email photo’s has been really great. I personally have probably benefitted the most as I have been able to communicate with dad better than normal.

Once again, Thank You !

Catherine & family

(Daughter & family of Resident)

October 2020

To you All at Verulam House

A huge thank you for your help to me and care for Reg Hancox.

I don’t know all your names but Sherrey, Megan, Erica, Ona, Sally , Pam, Alison ,James, have been so very kind and understanding when I have telephoned, plus the several I didn’t get names of. As I am 100 miles away and Reg and I were together up until he went back to the family for Christmas in good health and spirits having cared for me for some weeks, prior to , through and post op, you can imagine how hard it is for me and I am so grateful for everything you do for him, in addition helping us to keep in contact.

I try to keep him stimulated and possibly go over the top bombarding him with cards and photographs etc but I feel that it’s the best I can do after 14 years with him.

God Bless and once again my heartfelt thanks.


(Friend of Resident)


October 2020

Dear Debbie,

A big thank you to you and your wonderful staff for looking after us so well during our stay.

Please pass on our grateful thanks. You have a great team who have looked after us beyond the call of duty.

Pat is looking forward to flower arranging as soon as possible and seeing you all again.

With lots of Love

Pat & Peter

(Respite Resident & Husband)

September 2020

Kind Words

Hi Pam,

Can I take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care they are providing a (sometimes difficult!) resident with her care in her last period of life. My brother and I have been astonished at how Mum has rallied since she has been with you and although we know the eventual outcome, it is a relief to us to know she is in such capable and caring hands.


(Family of Resident)


September 2020

A kind treat for the staff

To All the amazing staff at Verulam House.

An enormous thank you for looking after our mum, Joan, so wonderfully.

Hopefully you can enjoy these Swiss Chocolates and they haven’t melted in all this heat.

Take Care and stay safe. With best wishes

Carol & Chris

(Family of Resident)


August 2020

The Staff , Verulam House

Dear All,
I felt it was about time I thanked you all for the way you have coped with the recent months of stress & strains in your vey important jobs.
I am sure that all the relatives of your guests feel just the same as I do & that I’m very grateful indeed for how you have looked after my husband. It has struck me on the occasions our paths have crossed either when speaking on the phone or the iPad with my husband how cheerful you have all been. I know my husband feels the same even if at times he is a but grumpy!!
I hope this situation doesn’t go on for much longer & it will soon be possible to thank you face to face, without masks etc etc. Until then, please take care & continue to keep yourselves safe.

With all my best wishes

Janice & those of our family.
(Wife & family of resident)

Tokens of appreciation

To My Dear Friends at Verulam house.

I hope these bags will be of use to you. They are made with love for the amazing job you are all doing.

Thank you all for your care and support.

(Family of passed resident)

May 2020

Support from a local School

We would like to share some letters written by a local School who are missing playing scrabble with our residents

Jane – Head of Partnership and Community Link

Alex – Student

Izzy – Student

April 2020

Dear Debbie, Pamela and ALL VH staff.
Just to say I am thinking of you…hoping you are staying safe and well in these mad times. And thanks for all the care.
Best wishes…please pass this to everyone. Thanks

Roland Chant

(Alison’s brother)

April 2020

A Pray from 'The Cathedral'

The clergy at the Cathedral simply wanted you to know that we are praying hard for all the residents and staff at this difficult time.

So many of our older members of the Abbey congregation now live with you, and we are terribly conscious of the little we can do in the present circumstances, but if there is anything we can practically do please let us know. Thank you for the extraordinary care and courage you are showing in looking after the more vulnerable.

We give thanks to you and  pray God will bless and protect you.


(Dean of St Albans)

April 2020

Dear All Staff,

We just want to say a huge thank you for all the hard work , your dedication and courage in the face of a tremendously difficult situation.

You are all in our thoughts.

With love

(The family of a resident)


April 2020

To all the staff at Verulam House.

I am writing on behalf of Extinction Rebellion, St Albans group.

We have been moved & pained by the news coverage of everything care home staff are having to cope with right now.

We can only imagine the strain the pandemic is putting on the professional & private lives of every one of you.

So this is just to let you know that we are thinking of you with appreciation 

Thank you for all you are doing & take care

Julie Wakefiled

(Community Assist, XRSA)

April 2020

A gift of Kindness

Hello Everyone,

Given the news about the shortage of PPE, I have made this batch of masks for you. They are obviously not surgical grade but from the research I have done they can work well and are washable.

You may remember my Father, Bob Jones, who was with you until June 2018.

I am very happy to make more of these if they are of use to you.

My very best wishes to you all at this difficult time.


(Daughter of passed resident)

April 2020

Matron , Pam & Staff

Thank you for the Easter Egg you kindly left me.

I hope you had a peaceful & happy Easter.

Kind Regards




Dear Debbie, Pam and all staff at Verulam,

Just a little card to say that I’m thinking of you all – staff and residents.

Missing you all and hoping that you are all staying well and safe. It must be a hard time for all.

Sending  prayers, strength and good health

Love Melanie

( Co-Worker)

April 2020

To All the Staff and Residents at Verulam House,

We just wanted to let you know that we’ve been thinking of you all during these difficult times and hope that you are all keeping well.

We look forward to coming in to see you all later in the year.

Take care and stay safe.

Our Love & Best Wishes to you all.

Carol & June

(Daughter & Wife of passed resident)

April 2020

Dear Pam, Debbie and all the team at Verulam House.

An enormous thank you from my brother, myself and all the family for looking after mum.

You are all doing an amazing job at this difficult time. We are so grateful.

So looking forward to meeting you once the lockdown is over.

Take care, With love and thanks


(Daughter of resident)

April 2020

A lovely kind gesture to help residents going through 'lockdown'.

Dear Debbie,

Please find enclosed Dad’s (Tim Hunter) old iPad restored to factory settings. We hope that this can be used by your residents to keep in touch with family members during lockdown.

Stay Safe

Sally le-May & Hiliary

(Family of passed resident)


April 2020

Dear Pam,

I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to all the Verulam House staff for the continued care that you are giving to my mother Rene in such difficult times.

I hope you are all keeping well.

Kind Regards


(Son of Resident)

April 2020

Resposnes to Updates given re COVID-19

Thanks for your Covid update. Thank you all so much for your work with the Verulam House residents.

It must be very worrying and I am so grateful for your care of all the folk there with you.

Best wishes


(Brother of Resident)


Thanks for this . Take care everyone and hope to see you soon.


(Residents Daughter)

Thanks Pam – Good news that Verulam is clear and I hope things aren’t too stressful for you and the team.

Take care and I’ll hopefully see you all soon.

Best wishes


(Friend of Resident)


Thank you Pam, and I hope the staff test negative and everyone stay safe and well.

Thank you for everything they and you are doing.


(Friend of Resident)

April 2020

Dear Pam, Debbie, Erica & Everyone,

I hope you are keeping well and thank you all and all the team for the amazing organization and care you are ensuring for Mum.

I actually managed to get onto BBC Radio Five Live to talk about having an aged Mum in a care home situation and was able to give 2 big shout -outs for all at Verulam House.

Warmest regards and hope your are keeping safe.


(Daughter of Resident)

April 2020

To all the amazing staff at Verulam House.

Thank you for taking care of our Dad & all the other residents at this challenging time.

We’re praying for your protection, for good team morale and for the physical, mental health and energy you need to do this vital work.

We are so very grateful to you all.

The Capper Family

( Residents Family)

March 2020

Dear Pam,
Thanks for the regular updates (what Verulam House are doing in response to Coronavirus) . Thanks to you and all the staff for your work at this very difficult time. It is all very worrying but I know Verulam House is doing everything it can…thank you. I would be grateful if you could pass this message on to the staff, I really appreciate their efforts.
(Residents Brother)

March 2020

Dear Pamela & Deborah,

I thank you so much for my set of lovely Hand Creams you gave me for my Birthday.

It was a gorgeous surprise & something I was in need of. I am slowly working my way through them & enjoying all the different perfumes. I haven’t had this particular make before so I’m enjoying the different perfumes.



January 2020

Christmas Party

Hi Pam

I really want to thank you and all the team for what was without doubt one of the best Christmas partied ever. the atmosphere was terrific!

Everything went so smoothly !

Congratulations to Erica, Carol , Julie , James and all the staff who worked so hard to make it such a success.

A thank you also goes to the local Girls High School for all their efforts in entertaining us with such great festive songs.

I am so proud of everyone.


(Owner of the Home)


December 2019

I would like to express my thanks to Oana, for the help she has given me whilst trying to improve my walking abilities.

I’m sure that many of the residents from here have benefited from her help.



October 2019

I came to this care home in early march (aged 88) from Northwick park hospital, recovering from sepsis which left me unable to alk.
I am recovering well and with the help from Oana ( a Verulam house registered Nurse) & a frame I am now able to walk quite well and am able to consider a return to my home in a few months time.


October 2019

Dear Erica,
Thank you so much for taking me to M & S last Tuesday, I thoroughly enjoyed looking through all the rails. The selection was far better than remembered it to be & I thought the prices were much lower.
The Coffee was gorgeous but next time it will be me entertaining.
With many thanks


September 2019