Residents are encouraged to pursue hobbies and leisure interests of their choice. Individual needs and wishes are identified in care plans, taking into account the resident’s abilities. We also respect absolutely each resident’s right not to participate in group activities, and will arrange one-to-one activity sessions according to need.

Regular activities are held seven days a week and a social events calendar is organised following discussions and regular meetings with the residents regarding their preferences.

Activities include quiz sessions, exercise sessions, armchair dancing, craft, cooking and garden activities. Outings are also organised, the most recent being a trip to the London Eye.

Trips are also organised to the Arena Theatre to see stage productions which residents are interested in attending. We welcome families and friends coming to take residents out, but must of course first conduct a risk assessment to assure the safety of both resident and visitor.

Here are some of the activities we have at Verulam House prepared by our Activities Organisers

Morning Activity Sessions:

Basketball, bowls and physical and mental exercises to cassettes. Followed by quizzes, mental arithmetic and word games.

Afternoon External Activity Sessions:

Hairdressing,  Drawing and Painting Group
Visiting Speakers, Lecturers, Performers-
Illustrated Art and History Lectures, Talks and group discussions, Classical and popular recitals and concerts
Poetry reading,  Short story reading, Choirs,  Bell Ringers, ‘Pat a Dog’ ,  Falconry Displays,  Chiropody, Manicures

Afternoon In House Activity Sessions:

Exercises, Variety of board games, Nail Care, Slide Shows, Sing-a-longs with live music, Film Clubs – Classic Films, Reminiscing, Arts and Crafts which include:-

Simple Printing, Cake Making, Sewing & Knitting Crafts, Flower Arranging, Cookery

Evening Activity Sessions:

Twice weekly, activity is chosen by the residents

Group Excursions:

Hatfield House, Buckingham Palace,The London Eye, Old Time Music Hall Shows, Alban Arena Theatre, Kenwood House
Boat & Canal trips, and various trips including  the National History Museum and the Duxford RAF Museum